03/11/2012 Ruhango Tag Rugby Tournament

10 Teams from 9 primary schools met at the Ruhango playing field to participate in a Tag Rugby tournament organized by FoRR Rugby Development Officer Muvunyi Mathieu.

Participating Primary Schools included; Ruhango Catholic, Ruhango Adventist, Amizero,Gitisi, Nyamagana, Munini, Musamo, Kageyo and KiziberiI.

Amizero fielded two teams and all teams were divided into two pools. The final saw Amizero A against Ruhango Catholic. It was a close game but Amizero A dominated the second half leading to a final score of 30 to 20.

23/09/2012 Ruhango Regional 7s Tournament

The fourth round in a series of regional tournaments across Rwanda organised by by FoRR Program Manager, Kamanda Tharcisse took place this week.

Two pools of six teams competed at the playing fields of Lycee de Nyanza including:
Pool A: Lycee de Ruhango , E.S Gitisi and ETO Gitarama
Pool B: E.T Mukingi, G.S Indagaburezi and Emeru Intwari

The match results were as follows;

Pool A
Lycee de Ruhango 19 vs ETO Gitarama 10
ETO Gitarama 25 vs E.S Gitisi 7
E.S Gitisi 0 vs Lycee de Ruhango  34

Pool B:
E.T Mukingi 10 vs Emeru Intwari 12
Emeru Intwari 25 vs G.S Indagaburezi 7
G.S Indagaburezi 10 vs E.T Mukingi 22

The final saw the winning team of Pool A, Lycee de Ruhango take on the Pool B winners, Emeru Intwari. Lycee de Ruhango were the victors which saw them win 15-0. The winning teams of each round will meet in a festival in Kigali in October, see here for the full details of the day!

26/08/2012-01/09/2012 Federation of East Africa Secondary Schools Championship (FEASSA), Bujumbura, Burundi

Congratulations to Rwandan School team, ISETAR who participated in the Federation of East Africa Secondary Schools Championship (FEASSA) competed in Bujumbura, Burundi from 26/08/2012-01/09/2012. ISETAR had been selected to participate after winning the tournament organised in Rwanda as part of the Federation of Schools and Sports Association Inter-schools Games which were in June 2012. The FEASSA Championship included three Kenyan school teams (Kakamega, Mangu and Maseno) four Ugandan teams (Hana-who won in 2011, Namiryango, Kisubi and Ntare) and two teams from Burundi (LTP and Lycee Kayanza) The games went well For ISETAR who won games against Hana (6-3) and Ntare (26-6), but unfortunately lost to Kakamega (40-9) and LTP with a narrow score of 7-0. This final lost squandered their chance to make the semi-finals. Kakamega won the tournament in a dominant game against Hana which they won 39-0. Well done to FoRR Programme Manager, Kamanda who was invited to participate in this international school fixture as a referee. ISETAR is a school in Kamonyi, Rwanda who were first introduced to rugby by Kamanda who worked with their sports teacher to keep the game going with ongoing intermittent support from Kamanda and Rugby coach, Philip Gakarage.

30/07/2012 Gicumbi Primary 7s Tournament

RDO Alex Sibomana arranged a Tag Rugby Tournament for primary schools in the Northern Region of Rwanda which saw eight teams divided into two pools. Participating schools included: Mulindi Primary, Kuruhura Primary, Kaniga Primary, Nyagakizi Primary, Maya Primary, Bugoma Primary, Mugina Primary, Mukarange Primary. The games were held at Mulindi Tea Factory and the final saw Maya take on Mukarange with Maya the victors with a score of 35 to 15.

17/07/2012 Gicumbi Regional 7s Tournament

The third round in a series of regional tournaments across Rwanda organised by by FoRR Program Manager, Kamanda Tharcisse and RDO Alexis Sibomana took place this week. Two pools of seven teams competed at Mulindi Tea Factory ground including: E.S Mulindi Rushaki College, E.S Kamutora, G.S Nyagakizi,G.S Kiruhura, G.S Bugoma, G.S Mukarange and G.S Muyumbu. In the final E.S Mulindi took on Rushaki College and dominated the game with the final score 25-5 to them. The games were refereed by Aimable Harerimana and Jean Claude Ntezimana and the Executive Secretary of Kaniga Sector attended the event. Big thanks go to Alex Sibomana and all Headteachers involved with a special mention to Mulindi Tea Factory who made the pitch available which made the tournament very successful

The Champs; E.S Apemu Ruli

19/07/2012 Gakenke Schools Regional 7s Tournament

The second round in a series of regional tournaments across Rwanda organised by FoRR Program Manager, Kamanda Tharcisse took place this week. In the Gakenke region, nine teams participated including; G.S Rwankuba, G.S Janja, G.S Nganzo, G.S Nyundo, E.S Apemu Ruli, E.S Karuganda, E.S Nyarutovu, ACEDI Mataba and Aprodesoc Nemba. There were two pools who played each other, one of four teams and one of five teams and the final saw E.S Apemu Ruli and G.S Rwankuba. The final was a close game but E.S Apemu Ruli were victorious thanks to their speedy winger and the final score was 7-0 to them. A big thank you to refs Cambara Koko Marcel and Felix Uwitonze and the leader of the School Sports Association who presented prizes to the winning team and worked hard to make the tournament successful. Special well done to Felix Uwitonze for the hard work he has put in introducing rugby in the Gakenke District.

ACEJ Karama celebrate their tournament victory

14/07/2012 FoRR Muhanga Schools Regional 7s Tournament

The first round in a series of regional tournaments across Rwanda, organised by FoRR Program Manager, Kamanda Tharcisse kicked off this weekend. In the Muhanga area, five secondary schools were invited and participated at the Philosophicum ground, including; G.S Shyogwe, E.S Buringa, G.S Gitarama, E.T Kabgayi and SCEJ Karama. Each team played the other five schools which culminated in a final between G.S Shyogwe and ACEJ Karama. During the final, both teams gave a good display. Shyogwe’s speed put them ahead by 7 points at the end of the first half, but despite ACEJ losing a player to a broken shoulder in the second half, they were crowned champions with a final score of 15-14. The games were refereed by Livingstone Muhire and Martin Rurangwa. A big thank you goes to FoRR RDO, Laurien Hakizimana, the school head-teachers and sports teachers who worked hard to make this a successful day.

The Champs-ICETAR

23-24/06/2012 Semi-finals of the Federation of Schools and Sports Association Inter-schools Matches Semi-Finals and Finals, Rubavu District.

Managed by MINEDUC (Rwandan Ministry of Education) who provided transport, accommodation and trophies, these school games are held in All sports including Netball, Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Handball and Basketball, rugby is a recent addition to the programme.
Here are the results of the Rugby semi-finals;

E.T Mukingi, Ruhango beat INYEMERAMIHIGO COLLEGE, Rubavu 107-0
ICETAR, Kamonyi beat G.S GAHINI, Kayonza 53-9.

During the final E.T Mukingi took on ICETAR in a hard game with Mukingi dominating the first half until they unfortunately lost their two best players at fly half and second centre due to injury which gave ICETAR the initiative in the second half. The final score was 6-3 to ICETAR who now have the opportunity to represent Rwanda in the Federation of East African Secondary Schools Championship in to be held in Bujumbura, Burundi this August. The games were refereed by FoRR Programme Manager, Kamanda Tharcisse, FoRR RDO Hakizimana Laurien and Rwandan Rugby Federation Representative, Itanzi Jean Baptiste.

29/05/2012 Continuing Sustainable Growth

Exciting times as the 5th tour is currently in Huye. 13 UK coaches are working with the students from six schools in the region to introduce the game of tag rugby to both boys and girls. This takes are volunteer number above 50 for the first time. On this trip we are also looking to expand the rugby development officer team from 4 employed staff to an amazing 7. Let’s hope the new guys love rugby and want to take the game to more and more schools across the country !!!