16/09/2013 Coming Shortly FoRR National Schools Finals Tournament

Regional teams announced:
To all of those people who have donated money directly or through our awesome fundraising folks lately. This is what your money went towards:

WE TAKE CARE of the transport for all of the teams listed below to travel to Kigali so they can compete in the Rwandan schools’ national final. The players, teachers and coaches’ transport plus resources for the day of rugby all get taken care of by FoRR. You can see exactly where your money is in action and creating chances for these guys to play. We should also mention that we took care of the 7 regional tournaments in the lead up and selection series as well. More than 40 school teams got the chance to vie for the national title. Can’t wait to see who comes out on top of the whole competition….
Thank you so much!!

1.Transport (ET MUKINGI-Ruhango)
2.Transport (ACEJ KARAMA- Muhanga)
3.Transport (E.S MULINDI-Gicumbi)
4. Transport (E.S APEMU RULI-Gakenke)
5.Transport (EAV KABUTARE-Huye)
6.Transport (Lycee APICUR-Musanze
7.Transport(ISETAR –RUNDA-Kamonyi)

Follow face book to watch the lead up and tournament unfold.

21/08/2013 FoRR wins a 2013 OPSCAR

FoRR has been lucky enough to be selected as one of three charities by the Accenture Operations Community in their annual OPSCAR vote. Last year Accenture employees helped the Operations Community raise almost £15k for very worthwhile causes. They actively seek to recognise outstanding charities that represent great causes and then seek to support them with a financial contribution. FoRR hopes to continue delivering practical assistance to the rural and youth communities in Rwanda and is delighted to have been recognised through this inspiring program.

02/08/2013 Matthew Beddow describes his Big Bad 3 Peaks Challenge

On my 39th birthday my wife gave me a list of 40 things to do during the year before the dreaded 4 – 0!  Number 27: Complete a physical challenge; Number 28: Go away for the weekend with the lads; Number 29:  Raise some money for charity.  The Three Peaks was the perfect challenge.  I was brought up in Zambia where my father was a missionary and played rugby twice a week so FoRR was the perfect charity.  I sent an email to FoRR then had a call from Deena, which was great, and made a pledge to raise funds to cover all activities for a 12 month period!  I assembled 7 good friends and family to do the challenge with me plus a dedicated driver to ferry us between the peaks in a hired minibus.

We started at 5pm on a blustery Friday night in Fort William and finished in the sunshine at the foot of Snowdon at 4.10pm on Saturday afternoon.  Exhausted but elated we had completed the challenge in the time.  A real team effort from the moral of the group getting us through the dark times on ScarFel Pike at 3am in the fog to my wife who prepared all the food and drink for the 9 of us!  A small army!  Most importantly we could not have done it without our friends, family, colleagues, clients, contractors, suppliers etc who responded to our emails and sponsored us.  Facebook and Twitter were invaluable tools for raising money.

When we started the walk at 5pm we had just over half of the funds collected but as soon as we all started posting photos on Facebook of blistered heals, toiling walkers with head torches and peak top group photos the sponsorship money started coming in again.  We raised the final half in 24 hours!! We directed people to a website we had set up which gave the names of all the people on the walk, information on the aims of the charity and links to the sponsorship page.  After visiting the website so many people said it was such a good charity to support and it was so nice to know the money given would go directly to helping the programme in Rwanda. It was a real privilege to be part of the group and it is an experience we will all remember.  We hope the funds we have raised will help FoRR continue the excellent work.

01/08/2013 Nick and Mike; Super Volunteers

18 year olds, Nick and Mike contacted FoRR back in September last year when they were searching for a rugby coaching and personal development experience for their university summer break. Both are good rugby players representing their county at Under 18s level and have limited coaching experience. Set the task of fundraising the budget to deliver four tournaments during their stay, the boys met and exceeded expectations and received huge support from friends and family. Nick and Mike spent  their first two weeks in two Southern regions, Ruhango and Muhanga with RDOs, Mathieu and Laurien before heading to Gikenke in the North to assist RDO Felix. They finished their trip in Kigali where they coached the Rwanda Orphans Project kids and worked with Under 14s teams. All together they ran a regional sevens tournaments in each location and an under 14s tournament in Kigali. Their contribution greatly supports FoRR’s operation to develop rural school and youth rugby by working closely with our Rugby Development Officers and exposing youngsters to the game.  They returned home full of feedback and described their trip as an incredibly fulfilling and rewarding experience.

20/07/2013 FoRR fields a team at the Savannah 7s

Saturday July 20th saw the first Savannah 7s tournament run by African Exiles Rugby at Egham. The tournament was followed by a fun evening of live music. The Savannah 7s is the UK’s biggest African rugby tournament and festival celebrating sub-Saharan culture and they kindly adopted FoRR as their official charity. Invited to enter a team, Friends of Rwandan Rugby fielded eleven willing volunteers who kindly brushed off their boots to have a run around and promote the charity. Although most players had never met each other prior to the event it was inspiring how quickly a team ethos developed. Remarkably the team reached the semi-final of the plate.  The fundraising and awareness raising aspects of the event capped off a tremendous day and huge thanks must go to all of the additional volunteers that manned the stall and contributed to the atmosphere on the day.

07/07/2013 – Brook Brothers Deliver

Nick and Mike Brook are currently in Rwanda on a month long stay assisting our Rugby Development Officers organise and complete the July schools tournaments. Reports suggest that the experience is going extremely well with only a few minor challenges for the boys in the refereeing department. They assure all that their Kinyarwandan will improve !!

07/06/2013 – Tournament Day (Sixth Tour)

The sixth annual coaching tour has delivered tournament day in Gicumbi in Northern Rwanda. A group of 20 British and Rwandan coaches have been working in the area for the past 6 days, delivering materials, training teachers, up-skilling RDO’s. A wonderful day was had by all and rugby continues to grow throughout regional schools in Rwanda

14/03/2013-20/03/2012 Bhubesi Pride visits Rwanda again

The team from Bhubesi Pride recently visited Rulindo District in Nothern Africa to work with 216 primary school children from three different schools. Programme Manager, Kamanda Tharcisse and RDO Alex Sibomana were on hand to offer coaching support and assisted with organisation of the visit. The visit culminated in a tournament with Nyirabirori playing Tumba in the final game. See to learn more about the Bhubesi project

14/10/2012 FoRR Schools National 7s Finals

President of the Rwanda Rugby Federation, Dr Otto Vianney MUHINDA presenting the trophy to the winning captain Jean Marie Vianney UMUTONI

This tournament consisted of the victors of the regional 7s tournaments which were held in four regions. The 8 teams were divided into the following two pools; Pool A:, Ikirezi, ACEJ Karama, G.S St Famille A, ISETAR Runda. Pool B: E.S Mulindi, E.S Apemu Ruli, G.S Rwankuba, G.S St Famille B

The results were as follows;
Pool A
Lycee De Ruhango 12 vs ACEJ Karama 5
G.S St Famille A 0 vs ISETAR 33
Lycee De Ruhango 12 vs G.S St Famille A 0
ACEJ Karama 0 vs ISETAR 29
Lycee De Ruhango 0 vs ISETAR 29
G.S St Famille A 0 vs ACEJ Karama 12

Pool B
E.S Apemu Ruli 15 vs G.S Rwankuba 0
G.S St Famille B 0 vs E.S Mulindi 17
E.S Apemu Ruli 19 vs G.S St Famille B 0
E.S Apemu Ruli 12 vs E.S Mulindi 7
E.S Mulindi 21vs G.S Rwankuba 0
G.S Rwankuba 5 vs G.S St Famille B 0

1. Lycee De Ruhango 0 vs E.S Apemu Ruli 22
2.ISETAR 14 vs E.S Mulindi 0

ES Apemu Ruli 5 vs ISETAR Runda 27

The Player of the tournament was NKURUNZIZA Emmanuel of ISETAR RUNDA

The event was attended by the President of the Rwanda Rugby Federation, Dr Otto Vianney MUHINDA who presented the trophies to the winning teams. The final game saw ISETAR dominate E.S Apemu Ruli and the final score was 27 to 5 in favour of ISETAR. Refereeing support was provided by FoRR Rugby Development Officers, all players and officials had a terrific day. This has been a great year for ISETAR who represented Rwanda in the Federation of East Africa Schools Championship in Bujumbura at the end of August.