2015 Tour

The 8th annual coaching trip has returned home after completing their voluntary work in Rwanda. This year eight British coaches ventured north to Musanze to deliver coaching, equipment and a tournament to the primary schools of that district. In addition 300 jerseys, 316 balls and 230 tag belts were left for FoRR staff to replenish stocks in all of our schools right across the country. Finally this trip gave us an opportunity to assess new applicants for the expansion of our RDO staff. We will be making new appointments ready to commence on the 1st of May!


2015 Tour MEG Foundation boys' in action2015 Tour Coaching RDOs2015 Tour Equipment Donated



Rwandan Orphans Project Loves Rugby

FoRR is delighted to work with a range of groups across the country. It is particularly special to work with some of the most disadvantaged youth to bring them some joy and belief that they are part of our wonderful rugby community. Recently we received this note from Sean Jones who is the executive director of the Rwandan Orphans Project:

Dear FoRR team,

I just wanted to express our gratitude for allowing our boys to participate in Saturday’s rugby tournament here in Kigali. Our boys were so excited when they left our center that we could hear them shouting and singing on the bus for quite a while as the they drove down the road. Our boys took second place overall and when I arrived at the ROP Center this morning they all rushed to me to show me their shiny medals. They were so proud and happy and I can’t thank you all enough for giving them that opportunity. Thanks also for providing the transportation and snacks for them after the tournament. We’re so appreciate of our partnership with you and thankful for your support over the years. I would also like to thank Kamanda for being such a great role model for our kids and such a wonderful ambassador for your organization. Our boys really love him and he is very, very good with them.

Rwandan Orphanges Project Photo 2014 with medals


2014 National Schools Final

FROM FoRR program manager:

The tournament went well but unfortunately ES NYARUTOVU didn’t participate because of their Headmaster, who is not organized.

The teams were divided into the two following pools



The teams played each other in their pools and 4 teams qualified into the semi finals including:


The final match ended with a victory to ET MUKINGI 24 – 12 as the winning team of FoRR 2014 Schools seven-a-side tournament.

The games were refereed by the RDO`s and were kindly assistance by Andrew Kettlewell (International Referee) from the UK.

The event attended by the President of Rwandan Rugby Federation who presented the trophies to the Winning team.



Teachers learn through fixture

After 8 weeks of intensive coaching sessions delivered by 4 of our rugby development officers the trainee teachers of TTC Mururu have an opportunity to further enhance their understanding of rugby by participating in their first fixture. FoRR has facilitated the movement of the whole squad on a road trip to compete against CEFOTEC this Saturday. Although it is an epic 8 hour round trip to compete there is great enthusiasm by the group to put into practice skills that they have recently learnt. We hope this experience will kindle a passion for rugby that these teachers will then carry throughout their careers and pass onto classes on Rwandan school children!

TTC Mururu

Oxford University & FoRR

OxfordOxford University recently got in touch and wanted to help with a huge kit donation for Rwanda. FoRR was delighted to receive the first batch from these wonderful guys. See below a little article from their website. Full version is at

The annual summer ‘clear out’ of cupboards, kit rooms, changing rooms etc. at Iffley Road harvested a vast array of kit which thanks to the help of George Merry from local club Alchester RFC, will make it’s way to Rwanda. The kit collected included balls, bibs, water bottles, playing kit, casual kit, boots and kicking tees. For further information on how the kit will be used or if you wish to donate any from your club, then please click on the link below:


Administrator Position for the Federation – Thanks FoRR & King Penguins

In August 2013 Keith Wallace contacted Friends of Rwandan Rugby to find out more about our organisation and see if there were ways that he could help FoRR and rugby generally in Rwanda. Throughout the past 11 months during countless phone calls and almost a hundred emails this partnership is a week away from starting to deliver the fruits of that labour. Keith will be travelling to Rwanda with approximately 200kgs of rugby equipment. He will be there as part of a tour organised by the King Penguins, a group of “mature” rugby players that compete in matches and promote the training of youngsters in the skills of rugby as well as providing coaching to the communities they visit. In addition to this immediate injection of materials the infrastructure and finance has been developed to seek and employ an administrator for the Federation of Rwandan Rugby. This full time salaried position will enable the Federation of Rwandan Rugby to drive towards developing the game across Rwanda and its goal of securing full member status from the IRB. Applications for the position will be opened shortly and once in place the Administrator will orchestrate the various component of the sport in collaboration with the existing six FoRR rugby development officers under the overall control of the committee of the Federation of Rwandan Rugby. FoRR is delighted to have facilitated this sponsorship by the King Penguins to increase the capacity of the Federation of Rwandan Rugby and looks forward to improved delivery of competitions and opportunities for all Rwandan rugby players as a result.

KP BallsKP coaching materials

Teaching Teachers!! (Let the school rugby invasion begin)

In early May 2014 FoRR received  contact from a VSO volunteer, Glyn Watkins. He had been working out in the west of Rwanda closely associated with TTC Mururu. The TTC stands for Teacher Training College.  You can imagine our excitement at the prospect of being invited into this environment to deliver regular weekly coaching sessions to a wide range of teachers that will eventually be placed in schools all across the country. Quickly a plan was developed and a proposal created that will see FoRR rugby development officers travelling the 6 hour journey out to Rusizi on a rotational basis, staying 2 nights and delivering a sequence of sessions and workshops to empower Rwandan teachers with rugby skills and knowledge. The pilot program has been assigned funding to proceed for 8 weeks and it is hoped upon evaluation this project can become an embedded part of the FoRR delivery strategy. We thank Glyn for his wonderful enthusiasm and look forward to creating strong ties with TTC Mururu long into the future. Below is a photo from the first session. So many showed up he had to turn people away!

Glyn Watkins at TTC Rusizi introducing rugby to teachers

FoRR is delighted to be providing Rwandan rugby development officers to develop Rwandan teachers who will in turn teach Rwandan students the joys of rugby. Rugby development officer Mathieu Muvunyi was the first FoRR staff member to make the journey out to TTC Mururu and reports received indicate the launch of the program has been a wonderful success

Games, Games, Games

The middle of the year is an exciting time for rugby in Rwandan schools. Throughout the next month four tournaments will be played across the country. These regional tournaments on the back of two held last month collectively serve to select the regional champions. These regional champions then travel to the capital to compete in the national schools championship of Rwanda. In total the 6 tournaments fully organised, officiated and funded by Friends of Rwandan Rugby will see 36 schools compete to be crowned champions of Rwanda.

7's Tournament teams 2014

RDO Workshop

Friends of Rwandan Rugby’s six full-time rugby development officers met in Ruhango this weekend to participate in a coaching workshop. The group developed their skill specific coaching strategies and evolved their planning and timing skills for training sessions.

6 RDO's