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Meet The FoRR Coaching Team in Rwanda

Tharcisse Kamanda - Programme Manager

Played Rugby since 2002 at Shyogwe Secondary School, trained by a voluntary British teacher and coach Emma Rees. Started coaching and refereeing in 2004 especially in schools and my dream is to promote this sport all over Rwanda in order to build our unity destroyed by Genocide of 1994 though competitions and games. We should be helping kids and orphans to forget the past and build the future of Rwanda.

Hakizimana Laurien - RDO Muhanga

I have been playing rugby since 2003 and my coach saw my potential and promoted me. Afterwards I continued my rugby career in the clubs. I started to coach in 2008 - it brings me such joy while playing rugby. It is also very useful in strengthening the muscles of body and makes me physically fit and that empowers me to help our youth to know more about the game. I would like to see rugby develop all over the country in boys & girls and that pushes me to looking forward with hope that at some time the fans will come to the stadium (pitch) as it is in football.

Mudaheranwa Jean Claude - RDO Huye

I started my Rugby in 2008 when I arrived at school in Kabgayi and participated in the East African school Games in 2011. I was then recruited by Muhanga RFC in 2010, which is my team until now. In truth, since I started Rugby, I gained many important friends and in addition to that I love the way Rugby men have strong love among them. That is why I love Rugby as my favourite game and I must encourage people to play it and emphasize it especially in little ones in order to develop it in Rwanda.


I have played rugby since 2007 at my school GS REMERA-Rukoma when I saw my team mates playing. Rugby helps to enjoy with others, to communicate to the leaders and teachers. It helps me to know new people in other countries and enjoying with the children. I am very interested to join the team and I love it because I get to know many people because of Rugby. I would like to coach in my future to help the Rwandan children, especially in schools, to love the game and make it very popular, even more than football .I would like to become a good coach as it was my dream game when I was a child and to develop my career increasing my skills and helping students to play Rugby in their life.


I started to play in 2010 at ISETAR Secondary school and played many schools competitions and it has helped me to enjoy and improve my life. Having played FEASSA Championship in Bujumbura after two years I was selected to play for a national team against Burundi and DRC. I want to coach Rugby as my dream to help other people to know the game especially young student and make Rwanda rugby known by many people and encouraging women too. I want to help student to love the game and making Rwanda rugby known by many people especially in Schools.

IZABAYO Joseph (RDO - Ruhango)

I have played rugby since in 2008 in secondary school when I saw other student playing and being happy for the game. It was very fun and brings happiness to children. I want to coach rugby because it unites people especially young generation with happiness and team work. I am happy to coach and want Rwandan rugby known by everyone in my region and International level. I want to bring many people to play the game of rugby starting with kids, students and adults developing and improving the skills of all.


I started to play in 2012 at school APICUR when I was interested with others playing and played many national and international schools competitions which improved my skills and loved the game because it helps to have discipline and team work. I want to coach rugby in order to help children to work together in sports and have enjoyment. I want to increase the number of girls playing the game in my region, contact and work with the schools staff and local leaders in order to get many people to play rugby and dream to get a rugby club in Musanze District.

UMUTONI Jean Marie Vianney (GAKENKE)

I got to play rugby at secondary school Remera-Rukoma and been Captain of the team in the competitions and played FESSA Championship in Burundi. I loved the game because it helped me to know people I’ve never seen before. I want to coach in order to increase my knowledge and help Rwandan students the love of the game especially girls. I hope we can create many teams in schools to make it very popular by coaching kids and many secondary schools in my region. I want also to encourage the local people to play rugby.


UFITIMFURA Donation (RDO - Rusizi)

I began rugby in 2014 at TTC Mururu. The team was introduced by Welsh VSO volunteers Glyn and Mary Watkins supported FoRR . After a few months I felt urged therefore I created a club called Resilience Rusizi. Rugby has became a part of my life. Nothing can stop me from it, except conditions out of my control . I enjoy talking about rugby , watching it but especially playing and coaching and detecting talents. It restores people's joy , especially the young , in a bid to maintain peace, reconciliation, unification and normalization of troubled Rwandan society . I am extremely proud of coaching this discipline and I have big dreams that rugby will reach for the moon beyond the wildest dreams at all cost , through aspiration, commitment, determination , coordination and persistent. Everything is possible for a willing heart , I trust .