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Who we are?

Friends of Rwandan Rugby is a small, innovative charity which teaches the joys of rugby to boys and girls in some of the most impoverished regions of Rwanda.  FoRR’s mission is to promote reconciliation through sport, using rugby to build trust, friendships and foster shared experiences on the rugby field.

“The friendships within rugby are incredible because there is such a respect for anyone who is prepared to put their body on the line for you and understands that you would do the same for them. I hope it really takes off in Rwanda”    Raphael Ibanez – Former French Captain 6/12/2006

Why Rugby? Why Rwanda?

There is a big role for sport in healing wounds left from social conflict and upheaval – This is increasingly recognised by leading academics and the UN.  Rugby is a powerful sport for building trust & fostering shared experience – we believe that rugby can be used as a social-fabric building tool, especially in a country such as Rwanda which has been working to build the unity destroyed by the events of the early 90’s.

Rugby as a contact sport helps build very strong relationships & friendships.  Players need to be friends with their team mates so they take care of each other on the pitch. 

“The friendships that are formed and the safety they provide at the bottom of a ruck there is no place to hide.”

What do we do?

FoRR focuses on teaching rugby to children and young adults in schools and communities across Rwanda.  Through the full time employment of our rugby development staff Friends of Rwandan Rugby is able to facilitate the implementation and growth of our sport in primary and secondary schools nation-wide.  Our Rwandan programme  manager, Kamanda Tharcisse, has additionally held the role of Schools Commissionaire on the committee of the Federation of Rwandan Rugby since January 2011 and has also recently  been elected as the General Secretary. This provides a valuable opportunity to coordinate our work in schools with that of the Rwanda Rugby Federation’s efforts to grow the game and gain full IRB membership.

We are working hard to put in place an infrastructure to support school rugby’s growth by empowering teachers with knowledge & the skills to deliver rugby activities. FoRR is concentrated on the development of grass roots rugby in rural areas as we believe that by providing access to thousands of children all over the nation it will ensure there are young and talented players coming up through the system into the rapidly expanding club sides and beyond.

FoRR’s core day to day activities involve:

  • We develop school rugby leagues in the capital and regional areas ;
  • In addition to the leagues we organise regular friendly games;
  • Last year we organised 17 rugby tournaments in primary and secondary schools;
  • We provide coaching and organise tournaments of Tag Rugby, Sevens and 15 a side rugby;
  • We provide referees to officiate in all of the school rugby activities across the country;
  • We employ full time rugby development staff who teach day to day in schools, youth groups and clubs.