Rwandan Orphans Project Loves Rugby

FoRR is delighted to work with a range of groups across the country. It is particularly special to work with some of the most disadvantaged youth to bring them some joy and belief that they are part of our wonderful rugby community. Recently we received this note from Sean Jones who is the executive director of the Rwandan Orphans Project:

Dear FoRR team,

I just wanted to express our gratitude for allowing our boys to participate in Saturday’s rugby tournament here in Kigali. Our boys were so excited when they left our center that we could hear them shouting and singing on the bus for quite a while as the they drove down the road. Our boys took second place overall and when I arrived at the ROP Center this morning they all rushed to me to show me their shiny medals. They were so proud and happy and I can’t thank you all enough for giving them that opportunity. Thanks also for providing the transportation and snacks for them after the tournament. We’re so appreciate of our partnership with you and thankful for your support over the years. I would also like to thank Kamanda for being such a great role model for our kids and such a wonderful ambassador for your organization. Our boys really love him and he is very, very good with them.

Rwandan Orphanges Project Photo 2014 with medals


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