Teaching Teachers!! (Let the school rugby invasion begin)

In early May 2014 FoRR received  contact from a VSO volunteer, Glyn Watkins. He had been working out in the west of Rwanda closely associated with TTC Mururu. The TTC stands for Teacher Training College.  You can imagine our excitement at the prospect of being invited into this environment to deliver regular weekly coaching sessions to a wide range of teachers that will eventually be placed in schools all across the country. Quickly a plan was developed and a proposal created that will see FoRR rugby development officers travelling the 6 hour journey out to Rusizi on a rotational basis, staying 2 nights and delivering a sequence of sessions and workshops to empower Rwandan teachers with rugby skills and knowledge. The pilot program has been assigned funding to proceed for 8 weeks and it is hoped upon evaluation this project can become an embedded part of the FoRR delivery strategy. We thank Glyn for his wonderful enthusiasm and look forward to creating strong ties with TTC Mururu long into the future. Below is a photo from the first session. So many showed up he had to turn people away!

Glyn Watkins at TTC Rusizi introducing rugby to teachers

FoRR is delighted to be providing Rwandan rugby development officers to develop Rwandan teachers who will in turn teach Rwandan students the joys of rugby. Rugby development officer Mathieu Muvunyi was the first FoRR staff member to make the journey out to TTC Mururu and reports received indicate the launch of the program has been a wonderful success

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