23/09/2012 Ruhango Regional 7s Tournament

The fourth round in a series of regional tournaments across Rwanda organised by by FoRR Program Manager, Kamanda Tharcisse took place this week.

Two pools of six teams competed at the playing fields of Lycee de Nyanza including:
Pool A: Lycee de Ruhango , E.S Gitisi and ETO Gitarama
Pool B: E.T Mukingi, G.S Indagaburezi and Emeru Intwari

The match results were as follows;

Pool A
Lycee de Ruhango 19 vs ETO Gitarama 10
ETO Gitarama 25 vs E.S Gitisi 7
E.S Gitisi 0 vs Lycee de Ruhango  34

Pool B:
E.T Mukingi 10 vs Emeru Intwari 12
Emeru Intwari 25 vs G.S Indagaburezi 7
G.S Indagaburezi 10 vs E.T Mukingi 22

The final saw the winning team of Pool A, Lycee de Ruhango take on the Pool B winners, Emeru Intwari. Lycee de Ruhango were the victors which saw them win 15-0. The winning teams of each round will meet in a festival in Kigali in October, see here for the full details of the day!

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