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June 2009 – Rugby Takes Hold in the North
Sibomana Alexis has worked hard to take rugby throughout the Northern region. Having received only a couple of visits from UK coaches Alexis has lead the implementation of the game into  Mulindi, Nyagakizi, Kiruhura, Mukarange, Mugina and Bugomba primary schools. He has also been able to work with students from 3 of the secondary schools (Nyagakizi, Kiruhure and Bugomba). Friendly fixtures between Kiruhura, Nyagakizi, Mugina and Murindi have laid the foundation for the possibility of a Northern Schools league which FoRR is aiming to hold in 2011
May 2009 – Second Annual TAG Rugby Tour – Butare
The end of May saw Amanda Furst lead FoRR’s adventure down into the far South of the country with 9 UK coaches intent on introducing the game to as many youngsters as possible. Working within 6 schools including Ecole Primaire de Ngoma Catholique, Ecole Primaire de Ngoma Adventiste, Ecole Primaire Catholique, A.P.E.M., Ecole Primaire de Kibando and Ecole Primaire de Tumba. The team was able to hold a wonderful tournament on 29th May at the end of the 5 day coaching program. Assisted by RDO’s Alex and Mathieu the UK coaches also received support from long time friend to the charity Tharcisse Kamanda and local Grizzles National University rugby player Umugire Alphonse.  Having introduced the game and leaving the teams with masses of equipment it remains an area that the charity will continue to support in future years. The tourists enjoyed a well earned break with a trip to Lake Kivu before returning to the UK.
I got the most amazing feeling of accomplishment and a massive sense of pride watching those great kids put so much into a game of rugby, enthusiasm isn’t the word! The hardest thing to deal with was the sense of not having done enough to help and that’s why I will return. ** Jack Ransome FoRR Tour Coach 2009/10/11
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