19/07/2012 Gakenke Schools Regional 7s Tournament

The second round in a series of regional tournaments across Rwanda organised by FoRR Program Manager, Kamanda Tharcisse took place this week. In the Gakenke region, nine teams participated including; G.S Rwankuba, G.S Janja, G.S Nganzo, G.S Nyundo, E.S Apemu Ruli, E.S Karuganda, E.S Nyarutovu, ACEDI Mataba and Aprodesoc Nemba. There were two pools who played each other, one of four teams and one of five teams and the final saw E.S Apemu Ruli and G.S Rwankuba. The final was a close game but E.S Apemu Ruli were victorious thanks to their speedy winger and the final score was 7-0 to them. A big thank you to refs Cambara Koko Marcel and Felix Uwitonze and the leader of the School Sports Association who presented prizes to the winning team and worked hard to make the tournament successful. Special well done to Felix Uwitonze for the hard work he has put in introducing rugby in the Gakenke District.

ACEJ Karama celebrate their tournament victory

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