16/09/2013 Coming Shortly FoRR National Schools Finals Tournament

Regional teams announced:
To all of those people who have donated money directly or through our awesome fundraising folks lately. This is what your money went towards:

WE TAKE CARE of the transport for all of the teams listed below to travel to Kigali so they can compete in the Rwandan schools’ national final. The players, teachers and coaches’ transport plus resources for the day of rugby all get taken care of by FoRR. You can see exactly where your money is in action and creating chances for these guys to play. We should also mention that we took care of the 7 regional tournaments in the lead up and selection series as well. More than 40 school teams got the chance to vie for the national title. Can’t wait to see who comes out on top of the whole competition….
Thank you so much!!

1.Transport (ET MUKINGI-Ruhango)
2.Transport (ACEJ KARAMA- Muhanga)
3.Transport (E.S MULINDI-Gicumbi)
4. Transport (E.S APEMU RULI-Gakenke)
5.Transport (EAV KABUTARE-Huye)
6.Transport (Lycee APICUR-Musanze
7.Transport(ISETAR –RUNDA-Kamonyi)

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