14/07/2012 FoRR Muhanga Schools Regional 7s Tournament

The first round in a series of regional tournaments across Rwanda, organised by FoRR Program Manager, Kamanda Tharcisse kicked off this weekend. In the Muhanga area, five secondary schools were invited and participated at the Philosophicum ground, including; G.S Shyogwe, E.S Buringa, G.S Gitarama, E.T Kabgayi and SCEJ Karama. Each team played the other five schools which culminated in a final between G.S Shyogwe and ACEJ Karama. During the final, both teams gave a good display. Shyogwe’s speed put them ahead by 7 points at the end of the first half, but despite ACEJ losing a player to a broken shoulder in the second half, they were crowned champions with a final score of 15-14. The games were refereed by Livingstone Muhire and Martin Rurangwa. A big thank you goes to FoRR RDO, Laurien Hakizimana, the school head-teachers and sports teachers who worked hard to make this a successful day.

The Champs-ICETAR

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