11/09/2011 National Schools 7’s Finals Tournament

Today saw eight teams from across the country compete in Kigali throughout a rainy day to become Rwandan National schools champions of 7’s rugby. Eteka, ETO Gitarama, Ecole Secondaire Mulindi, Ecole Technique Mukingi, Rushaki College, Ecole Secondaire Buringa & Apred Ndera all took part and it was wonderful to see students from across Rwanda come together for a festival of fun. FoRR RDO Sibomana Alexis was able to source milk and water generously supplied by INYANGE Industries and the teams shared lunch as well as competition. FoRR program manager Tharcisse Kamanda said that although it was very hard for he and his RDO’s to organise the finals all players and officiials had a terrific day. Refereeing support was provided by Itanzi Jean Baptiste, Nemeye Emmy & Nsengimana Felix. The event was attended by Federation of Rwandan Rugby Secrectary General Ugeziwe Janvier and Vice President Alex Araire with eventual winners Apred Ndera defeating Ecole Technique Mukingi in a tight final seven points to five.

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