Arrival in Rwanda 18.04.2007

Deena, Susie and Spire Road

Emma, Lindsay and Main Street (they’re not that big!)
The captain on the run
Prize giving ceremony
The ChampsHere are some more photos from the end of the tour. We are still reflecting on the experience of coaching about 700 kids in 5 days. The final tournament was an amazing success and the skill levels after such a short time suprised us all!
The yellow team is Main Street, coached by Myself and Lindsay. Shame we didn’t do so well ourselves in the Kampala 7s tournament!
We really miss our fellow tourers and felt quite lonely going to get the bus to Rwanda on Monday morning. This soon passed as the bus was cancelled and we were busy changing our travel plans! We eventually caught the bus yesterday (Tuesday) which left an hour and a half late and was delayed near the border with a busted hosepipe. It ended up with a dash for the border before it closed and a late arrival in Kigali at 9pm. Luckily there was a nice enough hotel 100m away for us to recover from the excitment of the journey!
We hope to meet up with the Rwanda Rugby Federation tomorrow and get coaching ASAP.
Some photos of the new, improved Kigali to follow.
Brilliant clearing out by the League Gals!
On the run from the Kenyans!
Lovely try Kirst!
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